Stained Glass - New nail trend from Magnetic Nails Design

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Let yourself be overwhelmed by the beautiful colours and abstract shapes! Stained Glass initially reminds you of art, interior and architecture. Very beautifully beautiful. The fashion designers also saw this and designed their collections for the coming winter season.

You can make modern designs with this trend or you can return to the Art Nouveau art age and choose beautiful ornate shapes and flowers.

Consider how beautiful this effect is on nails. We are already obsessed with this trend, probably you and your customers will be as well!

Step by Step by Kateryna Gonchar 

Step 1.

Paint the nail with Gelpolish White (103018). Cure the nail but do not remove the sticky layer. Spray in with  Glitter Spray White (118065), cure  the nail and seal with Gelpolish Base / Top (103000).

Step 2.

Buff the nail with a White Block (145051). Paint the foundation of the design with Master Paint Deep Black (123601).

Step 3.

Continue painting with Master Paint Deep Black. Add the edges of the design. Kateryna paints with the New Detailers brush (176020).

Step 4.

Use the watercolour technique and different colours for the design. Kateryna has used Master Paint Pure Purple (123617), Light Blue (123614), Lime (123610), Emerald (123611), Pure Pink (123607) and Pure Yellow (123605). Finish the nail with a Top Gel of your choice.

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