These revolutionary gels feel like acrylics but cures like gel in LED or UV, eliminating the time pressure of traditional acrylics, giving you ultimate control to create perfect nails

You are passionate about nails, but after trying PowerGel you will fall in love again! PowerGel by Magnetic, your power, the power of Magnetic

  • easy to use on tips, forms and overlay on natural nails
  •  it can be used for all shapes, including long, extreme shapes
  • great adhesion
  • can be used on all sort of nails, from weak, damaged to normal and brittle
  • no heat spikes in one ball application
  • easy to file
  • cure under  both UV and LED light
  • light wearing

5 shades of PowerGel

  • PowerGel Clear is crystal clear,
  • PowerGel Pink is a milky pink shade that compliments the natural nail perfectly
  • PowerGel White is a radiant white and will cure perfectly even if you apply it thicker
  • PowerGel Extender is a nail plate extender suitable for all natural nails
  • PowerGel Nude is a semi transparent nude colour, great as a base colour for nail art and super easy to use when you prefer the one ball technique