About us

About Magnetic Nail Design

Magnetic is the cosmetics brand of the Dutch nail stylist Mey Liang. She has built her nail salon into one of the leading wholesalers of nail products. Her training institute, The Magnetic Nail Academy, has trained thousands of professional nail stylists. From their headquarters in Soesterberg, Mey and her husband export Magnetic products all over the world.

What makes our products so good?


Anyone seriously involved in the cosmetic industry knows that the very best cosmetic products come from Europe. One of the reasons for this is because the European Community sets incredibly high standards and strict rules with regard to the development and manufacturing of cosmetics. All these rules are incorporated in the “European Cosmetic Regulation” stating which raw materials are allowed for use and in what way products should be labelled, packaged and presented to both the professional market and to the general public.


Magnetic is one of the few Nail Technology Companies that complies with the ISO 22716: Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Industry. ISO Certification assures that our customers always receive products that are consistent in quality because they are created with the utmost care “Good Manufacturing Practises” means that all production activities like mixing, filling and packing are consistently performed under the highest hygienic conditions and that every step in the production process of all our Gel’s Acrylics, Fire & Silk  Natural Nail Products and Tips is properly managed and documented so that the very best results and highest quality products are produced. For us quality assurance and professional education has always been the highest priority!

GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practises” in short meaning that all production activities like mixing, filling and packing are  performed under the highest hygienic conditions

Magnetic constantly improves and adds new products to all of our existing ranges of Gel’s, Acrylics, Polishes and accessories, all of which are tested in salons before launching them. Because we firmly believe that you, the nail technician, has a right to demand the absolute best!

Training nail stylists

The Magnetic Nail Academy offers both practical as well as theoretical training in nail styling at the highest level. A unique and complete education in nail styling, tailored to cater to individual needs and requirements. Our teachers have extensive practical experience and pay each trainee close attention. As part of the course you will work with the best products and receive detailed exercise books with lots of illustrations. As you will be practising on a Nail Trainer, so you won’t often need a model. We deliver professional courses.

The Allround Nail Styling course can be considered as vocational training. After completing our course you will be ready to enter the demanding market. Your clients will be proud of their gel nails and acrylic nails. Our students make beautiful, stylish and sturdy artificial nails, without damaging the natural nail. With this certificate you can start your own nail studio. You can either work from home or hire a nail table, for example in a hair salon. You can then continue to train in Nail Art or the application of artificial nails to toes. .

Nail Wholesale

As a nail wholesaler, Magnetic supplies a total package of professional products for artificial nails, manicures and pedicures. Whatever you need in your studio, we’ve got it! All our products are of the best quality and at a reasonable price. Our products are always easy to use. We set the trend with the latest colors in nail polish, Gelpolish, gel and Acrylic. Our original Nail Art products are world famous!

Our motto is “Nail Care designed for professionals, by professionals”. We test all our products extensively with a critical team of nail technicians and pedicurists. If you have any technical questions about Gel, Acrylic or Nail Art, you can call or email us All sales staff are qualified nail technicians and able to provide quick and expert advice. Our nail products are made for professional users: qualified nail technicians, pedicurists and beauticians. We also have special products for your clients such as nail polish and hand creams.

Hope to see you soon!