AIRnails, AIRnails, airbrushing on nails – is a wide range of designs, which are limited only by the imagination of the nail master. Due to the thin layer of paint and smooth spraying, it's really quick and easy to achieve excellent decorative effects such as: smooth color transitions (using single brushstroke gradients), three-dimensional effects (drops, planets and bubbles), simulation of different textures (marble, reptile skin, folds of fabric and lace), complex geometric and floral designs, miniature figures of people or animals and different fantasy images for every taste and mood!Equipment for airbrushing on nails specifically designed for the nail service masters. Compact and quiet compressor together with a hose and air brush with a very thin nozzle weigh in total not more than kilogram. This equipment designed to be intuitive and easy in use, does not require any complex maintenance. Materials for airbrushing on nails is a novelty in the market of the nail industry. Our paint and stencils designed with modern technologies, non-toxic and have very low consumption. Paint for airbrushing on nails ready to use, no further dilution required, has a very high concentration of pigment, does not contain harsh solvents and dries instantly. Stencils for airbrushing on nails made of translucent, durable and elastic film on the adhesive base, manufactured using high-precision cutting plotter what allows to reproduce the finest details in the smallest space, easily removable and reusable. Airbrushing on nails with our materials – is quickly, easily and inexpensively!