How to become great nail stylist - a few tips to have satisfied customers :)

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How to become great nail stylist ? A few tips to see satisfied customers ;-)

The market is tough but you have a passion and thrive to become the great nail stylist and have the diary full  - That's great!!!  Below you can find few tips that help you to rich your goal

Nowadays it is not enough to just appear on the market. To be recognised is a long process, often requiring many sacrifices. If you want to create the desire image of great nail stylist  you need to take care of your clients and their needs.


The most important is the qualification. If you want to offer any service you need to be trained and have the knowledge about the industry. It is important to make sure your clients see you as the professional and that everyone who uses your service is fully satisfied. Happy customers will gladly recommend your service to others.

To be professional does not only means that you gained one diploma. Professional is the person that expands the knowledge and skills throughout the carrier, knows current trends, products etc. But the most important is practice! The technical skills are must to create returning customer base.  Without the practice, you can have tons of papers but still won’t able to create good set of nails.

Love what you do

It is really hard to imagine a good nail technician that works because she/he must. The pleasure from your work gives an extra drive to do more. Do not cut the corners to make it quick or cheap – put all your love in every set of nails and your clients will see it and  love it! It is true saying that if you love your job you will never work in your life


Versatility is a ‘must have’ to meet your client needs and I am no talking here about gaining other qualifications like eyelash extension. Versatility in nail industry not only finishes in choosing the right shape and colour. You need to have the knowledge about nail and hand care, offer new treatments, and make sure your service is complex.  Also, you need to be able to offer the suitable service to you client’s lifestyle, occupation, age and become the trustworthy specialist

High quality products

The skills are not all if to become good stylist.  You need to use high quality products and know what you use. Our clients have access to different information thanks to ‘uncle Goggle’ but it is our job to tell them what and why we use when they ask.  High quality and most important safe products do not mean that they are expensive so don’t be scared to search for new brands that offers all.

And last - you need to be sure that you do your best! and remember that your work is judged by others! Not fellow nail techs but your clients. With love, passion, good training and practice you can create an environment that keeps your customers happy and happy customers are your best advertising

 With love

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