G.I. Jane - New nail trends from Magnetic Nail Design

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Get the true G.I. Jane in yourself upstairs and choose for khaki coats, jackets and sturdy boots. Arm yourself with camouflage accessories. Of course, you do not have to go for a full military look, just a subtle touch is worth trying. Your winter outfit can always use a tough boost and you definitely too. With this fashion trend the emphasis is on tough, functional and comfortable. The battle breaks loose, use tight lines, choose camouflage colors and enter hero the hero.

On nails try the design by Yessica Padberg-Haasjes

Step 1.

Paint the nail with Jungle Jane On Heels (103315). Cure the nail and seal with Magnetic Matt Top (104021). Stamp with Stamping Plate Geometic (118608) and Long Lasting Nail Polish Gold (1680719).

Step 2.

Paint the background of the design with Detailer 3  brush (176020) and Master Paint White (123600).

Step 3.

Continue with the design and use Master Paint Pure Yellow (123605), Master Paint Light Blue (123614), Master Paint Pure Blue (123612), Master Paint Ultra Marine (123613), Master Paint Lime (123610), Master Paint Deep Green (123609), Master Paint Lila (123615) and Master Paint Pure Purple (123617).

Step 4. Bring more detail and shadow with Master Paint Deep Black (123601). Highlight with Masterpaint White (123600). Finish the nail with a Top Gel of your choice.

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