Become a Magnetic Coach ...

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Become a Magnetic Coach…

Magnetic Nail Design and the Magnetic Nail Academy are looking to further expand their activities. Magnetic Nail Design UK is looking for creative partners to join our team of trainers for the Magnetic Nail Academy and to teach with the Magnetic Method of Training.

What are we looking for?

As Magnetic is expanding we are continuously looking for professional entrepreneurs with intensive know how of the artificial nail industry.

We are looking for organizations that are either established or are capable of organizing trainings and collecting students. They should be people that are trained nail professionals with necessary knowledge and understanding. Of course we will support trainers with basic and advanced trainings so they can perform on the highest level.

We look for trainers that are capable of supporting the exciting Magnetic Nail Care Products and training. They should be able to create their own Magnetic Nail Academy, thus supporting their product sales and ensuring the products are properly used. Therefore we look for financially sound, professional business people. But most important we are looking for enthusiastic passionate partners that are convinced that the opportunities the nail industry offers are only to be caught by professional training and the ultimate technical support.

Are you interested?

Then contact us for details on how to become a Magnetic Trainer!

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