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As a nail technicians we love long nails - building, sculpting, creating long and perfect nail extensions.... but in our daily life the Gelpolish application fills the most of our diaries.

This service  has a huge popularity as is shorter, cheaper and cleaner, which nowadays it is a big advantage. Every woman wants have beautiful nails  ready in minutes and they need to be cheap and last foreveeerrr....HA not that easy! 

The permanent polish was always a problem for clients with 'fragile' nails, the ones with no apex or with dents. And how to achieve a perfect end results that we see on Instagram? All nails in perfect shape, apex, absolutely to find a clients like that??? No matter how hard we tried - no satisfied  results.... 

The secret  is -  The base! 

At Magnetic we are using Building Base which was created specifically for the permanent polish application. This gel has a beautiful structure, and is not too thick  for easy and neat application. For nails with natural apex we can apply two thin layers with no problem and for flat nails we can build the apex with no 'waves', we can smooth irregularities, cure 30 seconds in Twin Light and create beautiful base for colour application. Suddenly the most of our clients have perfect natural nails -BOOM!

Another advantage of the Building Base is the flexibility. It can be used on week and brittle nails and gives a perfect adhesion to natural nails. And what our clients love - it last for weeks.  All we need in one bottle for optimal end result!



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