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Bride 2017 Step-by-step by Elena Galazyuk and Magnetic Nails

Beautiful 'fairytale' are the wedding dresses for bride season 2017. In the so-called 3D gowns you'll feel like a true princess. The dresses are with beautiful 3D flowers and coloured floral prints. Cut-outs, long sleeves and deep decolleteé go far this season. The veils give way for chains and clips, which reinforce the extra 'fairytale' look.

The dresses remain in white or ivory, white with polka dot, but this year there are fashion designers who add pastel purple, pastel blue and pastel green to their collection. Especially Blush (pink) is a popular colour!

With these trends in mind this season give the brides a beautiful set of nails.

Step 1.

Paint the nail with One Coat Rose Quartz (106647). Cure nail 30 seconds in the Twin Light.

Apply a thin layer One Coat Pearly Pearl (106625) and cure for 30 seconds in the Twin Light.

Paint the base of the roses with Detailer 3 brush (176020) and a mix of Gelpolish Very Berry (103286) and Gelpolish Proud Mary (103213).

Step 2.

Take a little bit of Gel Paste (106800) on the corner of the One Stroke brush (117 204) and create a shadow of the flower with the One Stroke technique.
Cure for 30 seconds in the Twin Light.

Step 3.

Paint the final parts of the rose with the Vrush Brush (211 077) and Extreme White (104 172). Cure it 1.5 minutes in the Twin Light.

Step 4.

Cover the nail with Supreme Finish Top Coat and cure 1.5 minutes into the Twin Light.
Add some details using the Vrush Brush and Extreme White Gel. Cure 2.5 minutes in the Twin Light.

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