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Disposable nail files are often used repeatedly for different clients. Often, nail stylists use one file for a particular client, holding it in a signed string bag, hoping that their behavior is right. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Files are often  thoroughly washed and then disinfected with the preparation in an atomiser or in a disinfection bath - which is not a good method.

Disinfection is a procedure aimed at the maximum reduction of the number of microorganisms in the disinfected material. Disinfection destroys the vegetative forms of microorganisms, but does not always remove spore forms, i.e. resting forms that allow organisms to survive unfavorable conditions (eg, appropriate pH, temperature, humidity, osmotic pressure). When conditions favorable to them appear again, they can reactivate. However, sterilization of paper files due to the very high temperature prevailing in the sterilizer or autoclave is not possible. The file subjected to sterilization will separate and be of no use - we advise against any such attempt. So there is no chance of hygiene in using more than once paper files, even after thorough cleaning and disinfection

By analogy to the "clients personal file"  method -  could we use disposable gloves which we use during the manicure, pedicure, wash, disinfect and then store them in string bags until the next client's visit?

Proper care of the nails means that we do not transfer various microorganisms, ie bacteria, viruses, fungi, to other parts of the body. The same applies to files. Using more than once a single file, we can lead to serious diseases of the nail plate and its surrounding areas. One of the bacterial infection related to the finger nails of fingers and toes is paronychia, a type of phlegmon, a disease associated with infection of the nail rollers, around the nails of the fingers or toes.

The Magnetic Nails Design , to meet the needs of the client, offers you one-off files. The hard core with stick on various gradation and shape at a very affordable  price.

We offer nails and foot hygienic files in throw-away system with plastic and metal core.


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