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The troubleshooting from Magnetic Nail Academy and Pepyn Borel!

This customer has a nail trauma. The cuticle has been inflamed, and therefore there has been a defect in the nail growth, making the dents in the nail plate.
The customer doesn't want artificial nails and wants to maintain its own length, but would like to have the dents 'smoothed over'
Of course, the treatment is carried out if the inflammation is over.

Step 1.
Prepare the natural nail , gently push back the cuticle and remove the membrane. To clean it use the new ceramic Cuticle bit (193062).
With care, as the cuticle was inflamed, remove the dirt from the dents with the cuticle bit, keep the work very superficial to avoid further damage to the nail.
Shape the nail with emery board, remove the dust with the Nail Scrub Brush (178200) and then make the nail clean with Prep & Wipe (135021).

Step 2.
Cover the nail with Seal & Protect (130007). Cure for 2 minutes in the UV lamp or 1.5 minutes in the Twin Light (190016). Remove the residue of Seal & Protect with a Nail Wipe dry.
Do this carefully and with firm pressure!

Step 3.
With this client, we only go to camouflage the nail. Choose the camouflage color that matches the nail bed. Work dry place and in this case, a small amount of Prestige Camouflage Pink (114,172) to the height of the dents, allow the acrylic to flow and smooth at the edges.

Use Prestige Opaque Pink (114 169) at the free edge and work toward the center. This creates a smooth transition.

Step 5.
For the cuticle area use Prestige pink (114166). Work carefully, and make sure the product doesn't touch the cuticle to prevent it becomes inflamed again.

Step 6.
After gently filing the nail shape, use the Ultimate Shiner File (153007) for a beautiful natural shine. Take care of the cuticle with the Lemon Cuticle Oil (167005). Tip: recommend daily use of Cuticle Oil.

The end result.

By making the nail even, you can avoid the trauma gets worse. In many cases, people rub the nail because they feel the dent.

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