Step by step - Vintage Design - Covershoot by Yessica Padberg

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Follow these steps and you will be able to recreate this beautiful vintage nail art by Yessica Padberg.  

Step 1 

Yessica starts with painting the heart. Use the Master Detailer for the thin lines. Apply the lines with Master Paint Deep Black. Make the paint thin by blending it with water before applying the lines of the design. 

Step 2 

When all the lines are applied, use Master Paint Pure Red to fill in the heart. Use just the paint first and blend it after with Master Paint  Deep Blsck to create more depth in the design. With this technique Yessica is using the Detailer No1

Step 3 

Fill in the ribbon with the bright color Master Paint Pure Yellow.

Step 4 

Paint the letters of the ribbon with the Master Detailer Brush . Paint the lines first with Master Paint Deep Black then fill them in with Master Paint Pure White

Step 5

On the edge of the heart Yessica is painting a swallow. Make sure your paint is thin enough by blending it with water to paint the thin lines.  

Step 6 

Give the swallow some color with Maste Paint Pure Blue and apply shadow to its belly to create more depth. Seal the nail with Soak Off Top Gel.  

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