STEP BY STEP - Tropical Oasis by Albina Maria Garcia Garrido

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Step 1. 
Apply the Gelpolish Whitest White (103333). After curing, apply Gelpolish Base & Top (103000). Cure the nail for 30 seconds in the Twinlight or 2 minutes in the UV lamp. Paint with Foil Gel Black (106801) the design. Cure the nail for 10 seconds.
Step 2.
Use Transfer Foil Hologram Gold Flakes (118237) for the cactus. Paint the lines with Foil Gel Black.
Step 3.
Use for completing the design Gelpolish Neon Orange (103223), Gelpolish Neon Green (103221) and Gelpolish Poison Ivy (103229).
Step 4.
Make the emboss with Ultra Top Gel (104138). Cure the nail 2.5 minute and cover the nail off with Magnetic Flex & Shine (104153) and cure this 1.5 minute .

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