STEP BY STEP - Summer at Sea by Yessica Padberg

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Step 1.
Mix Gelpolish Doublemint (103317) with Gelpolish Whitest White (10333) Apply on  the nail, cure the nail for 30 seconds in the Twinlight or 2 minutes in the UV lam.
Cover the nail with Gelpolish Base & Top (103000) and cure the nail afterwards.
Step 2.
Make the nail dull with a White Block (145051). Mix Pigment Pyrite Gold (118815) with Gelpolish Base & Top. Paint the shell with it.
Step 3.
Paint the shadow with Master paint Deep Brown (123618). For the In & out lines, she uses a mix of master paint deep Brown and master paint Deep Black (123601).
Step 4.
Cover the nail with Gelpolish Base & Top. Put the dots with Extreme White Gel (104142). As a finishing touch you place a gold stud (117506), a Frosted Rhinestone Green (118320) and some Metal bullions Gold (118313). Cure the nail out.

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