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So Magnetic invented one product with a solution to all these problems
The Seal & Protect – a must have for every Nail Tech!
Seal & Protect is the most versatile and innovative Nail Technology product in passed 6 years. This product is a must have for every Nail Technician and Beauty Salon. Save time, save money and do it all with Magnetic’s Seal & Protect.
  • Seal & Protect can be used as a top coat that protects and strengthens the natural nail.
  • Seal & Protect’s revolutionary formula allows the solution to also be used as a stand-alone treatment that visibly repairs damaged nails. 
  • Seal & Protect is so versatile that it can  also be used with artificial nails.
  • Extreme adhesion means it can be applied to the artificial nail to seal and waterproof lifting product.
  • Seal & Protect can also be applied under Nail Art and Gel Polish to extend the life of your design.

How does Seal & Protect work?

Seal & Protect is a thin Acrylate solution that penetrates the upper first three layers of the natural nail.
Once Seal & Protect is applied and cured under a UV light it forms strong non soluble bond with the natural nails keratin cells. The upper layer of the natural nail turns into a Polymer/ Keratin crosslink network that forms a thin, strong protective artificial layer on the nail. 
Apply one coat of Seal & Protect and the natural nail is primed for adhesion. However, apply two or three coats and the natural nail is visibly enhanced, reinforced and strengthened and it's an ideal treatment for all removing their nails.
Seal & Protect has become a permanent part of the natural nail therefore cannot be removed by acetone or buffing.
In other words, Seal & Protect improves, strengthens, protects and enhances the natural nails. 
  • Save Money with one multi-purpose product that can be used with natural and artificial Nails. Seal & Protect replaces nail strengthens and hardeners, priming agents.
  • The perfect Nail Strengthening Treatment for the male market.
  • Save Time – Seal & Protect eliminates excessive filling.
  • Seals all lifting on maintenance / refills of artificial nail enhancements.
  • Upsell extreme adhesion for Nail Polish and Gelpolish, Your Gel Polish will last longer than any other in the market.
  • Create extreme adhesion underneath all artificial nail enhancements and products including acrylic.
  • Extreme adhesion means Seal & Perfect for clients like Hair Stylists who work with Chemicals all day.
  • Extremely economical – get more than 200 applications per 15 ml bottle.

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