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From hipsters, rock chicks and biker babes, different styles and influences come back in the trend 'Grifter'. This is what makes this trend so tough and very diverse. The coming season you can pick up all the sides and you can mix colours, patterns and shapes. Whether you match the animal print and graphic patterns or abstract shapes with glossy elements, it's  the power! This unbreakable and rebellious look we can very well compliment with an eye-catching Nail Art Design. You're going to get started with matt, shine, chrome and of course you use stones and studs to finish it all.

Try the design by Kateryna Gonchar

Step 1.

Mix Gelpolish Beau Blue (103281) with Gelpolish Basic Black (103026). Paint the nail and cure  for 1.5 minutes in the Twinlight or 2 minutes in the UV lamp. Apply  the Matt Top Gel (104021) and cure it .

Step 2.

Paint the base of the tiger with Gelpolish White (103018). Kateryna paints with the New Detailer Brushes (176020). Cure for 1.5 minutes in the Twinlight or 2 minutes in the UV lamp.

Step 3.

Use for the head Gelpolish Red Redemption (103279) and a little Gelpolish Bitch 'n Bikini (103024). Mix Gelpolish Red Hot (103248) with Gelpolish Beau Blue and use this for the nose. For the eye, use Gelpolish Gleamy Green (103277) and Gelpolish Neon Green (103221)

Step 4.

Highlight with Gelpolish White and add the details with Gelpolish Black. Place at the top  Crystal Strap String Aurora Borealis S (118700) & M (118701). Finish the nail with Supreme Finish (104008).

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