231325 Seduction Soft Cuticle Remover

231325 Seduction Soft Cuticle Remover

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Seduction Soft Cuticle Remover Gel helps to remove dead skin cells and cuticula for a beautiful result. Apply on top of the nail plate, and let it absorb into the nail, then wash off with water.

Is an essential ingredient for the hydration of the skin. Glycerine attracts moisture from the environment and from the underlying skin layers. Therefore the top skin layer is thoroughly hydrated. Glycerine has a positive influence on the elasticity of the skin and the repair capability of the epidermis.

Sea Water
Relaxes the skin, has a hydrating effect and nourishes. It creates open connections between the skin layers, which allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper.

Has a hydrating and calming effect, brings the moisture of the skin back into balance.