190020 Tech Table Lamp

190020 Tech Table Lamp

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The Tech Light  is a dimmable LED professional desk lamp with variable brightness control, ranging from warm to daylight settings.

It features a large shade, which can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position, ensuring that daylight can be shone where it is needed most. It also has a durable metal arm ensuring that the lamp head can be positioned at the users desired height.

Lightweight, easy to install and fully adjustable, it is ideal for both salon and mobile use and is supplied with a fully adjustable clamp which fits most nail stations. With variable output from 25% to 100% is an class A energy efficient 


  • Wide head to ensure that light is spread evenly across a large surface.
  • Manoeuvrable metal arm and adjustable head so that light can be shone exactly where the user requires it.
    • Has a three-step dimmer to provide the optimal level of light.
    • The lamp fixes to its surface via a clamp (which is supplied), meaning that it doesn’t take up unnecessary space on a desk or work surface. It also means that this task lamp can be used on surfaces that aren’t just horizontal.4 level of brightness
    • High Luminous light source SMT LED 18W
    • Voltage 100-240 V / DC 18V
    • 1200 lumen