150603 Dual Form 'Shapes It's' Modern Square

150603 Dual Form 'Shapes It's' Modern Square

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Shape It's Modern Almond

120 pcs box in 12 sizes 

These forms were designed to help nail technicians in creating stunning nails using gel, polygel and acrylics. These dual forms feature a unique design that simplifies the process of sculpting and shaping nails making it easier for technicians to achieve flawless and structured results.

Shape It's are available in different nail shapes, from salon to more extreme nails.

Fill the 'Shape It' with a Gel and brush of your choice and place it correctly on the natural nail.

Use the correct 'Shape It' and follow the correct lines to create the desired nail.

After curing, remove the 'Shape It' and a perfectly shaped nail will be left behind.


The 'Shape It's Modern Almond' are suitable for full build-up of the nail.


Points of attention

  • Flexible, thin plastic
  • Reusable
  • Shape: Modern Almond
  • Length: long
  • Longitudinal lines: straight, oval
  • Upper Arch: straight
  • Lower Arch: straight 
  • Suitable for complete construction
  • Prevent the build-up of an allergy due to leakage