104142 Extreme White Gel 30 ml

104142 Extreme White Gel 30 ml

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The French Manicure Gels are making it smile!

Magnetic offers colors and viscosities to suit every need and wish. When choosing the correct gel for your needs you first have to decide whether or not you want a Builder Gel to extend the free edge or if you prefer to work with a paint on gel that is used as a last layer underneath the Top Gel.

The main benefit of using a paint on gel is the ease of application also during the fill. The paint on gels are applied on top of the buffed nail, prior to application of the Top Gel of your choice.

• The gels give only color not strength!
• Always stir the gels before use to distribute the pigments evenly
• Always apply the gel in two thin layers instead of one thick layer
• Apply the gel to one nail at a time and flash cure
• Easy application
• There are three different options

The Extreme White Gel is the brightest white gel in the Magnetic Gel range. The Extreme White Gel cures in 4 minutes without a sticky layer. This white Gel can be used on fiberglass in combination with Supreme Finish, on gel nails and on acrylic nails.
The Extreme White Gel is also ideal for nail art and designer nails.