104138 Ultra Top Gel 30g jar

104138 Ultra Top Gel 30g jar

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The first and the most versatile top gel.

The Ultra Top Gel has a thick viscosity, like syrup. With this thick viscosity you can easylyeven out imperfections on the nail surface. As well this top gel is ideal for over nail art.
The Utra Top Gel is also very handy when you have removed too much product near the cuticle area.
You can equalize and seal the artificial nail completely.

The Ultra Top Gel comes in a pot and you can apply it with a brush. You can use your standard gel brush but some nail stylists prefer a softer brush like the Gel Brush Flat 8 (176030). Do not apply the top gel too thin. This makes it difficult for the gel to harden out evenly because the gel shrinks when cured. And do not apply the top gel too thick because the gel may flow into the cuticle area.

The Ultra Top Gel takes 2,5 minutes to cure in the LED light and 4 minutes in the UV light.
If the nail stays dull after hardening then you have cured the gel too short or the lamp has deteriorated in power. Remove the sticky layer of the top gel after curing.

The Ultra Top Gel attaches to every surface; gel, acrylic, powergel and the natural nail.
This makes it the most versatile in use.

The Ultra Top gel will not crack or break easily because of its flexibility.
Therefore the shine is not as high as the Supreme Finish.

The high UV Filter in the top gel protects the nail against discoloring from sunlight and the UV lights from a sun bed. The gel is not porous because of the tight molecule structure.
Making it less perceptible for discoloring from creams and make-up.

Ultra Top Gel is so versatile that you can build a complete nail with it.
The adhesion is perfect and the shine is very natural.

The most important problem that can occur when using the Ultra Top Gel is that it leaves behind dull spots after curing. This happens when you apply the gel too thin because the gel shrinks when cured.
If this occurs apply a second layer of top gel and cure.

Dull spots can also be the result of not curing long enough or the lamp has deteriorated in power.

If the nail is completely dull then the lamp has deteriorated in power or the client has not placed her hand correctly in the lamp.