103406 Cover Building Base for Gelpolish 15ml

103406 Cover Building Base for Gelpolish 15ml

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Building Base combines the convenience of a gel in a bottle with the structure and viscosity of a builder gel. Make the perfect apex and strengthen the natural nail even more with the Building Base.


The Building Base has a higher viscosity making it easier to give the nail a beautiful and natural apex. It offers a stronger strengthening of the natural nail giving it more time to grow.


Building Base cures in 30 seconds in the LED light and 2 minutes in the UV light. After curing you can remove the sticky layer, it will not leave behind a shiny surface. Therefore you can immediately apply the Gelpolish of your choice.


The Building Base is flexible and attaches reasonably well. To adhance the adhesion you can also apply a layer of Gelpolish Bond.


You can apply the Building Base directly on the natural nail because it’s fairly flexible.

UV Filter:

The Building Base does not contain a UV Filter. And because you use it as a base and not as a top is this not a problem.

Mey’s Tip:

To achieve a beautiful apex apply a layer of Building Base. Then in the wet layer let a drop of Building Base flow out until the desired apex has been reached. If the flowing goes too fast, you can choose to cure the first layer and let the drop flow out on the cured layer. The drop will flow out much slower, giving you more control.

Problems and causes:

Building Base gives few problems if you can master the technique.
Do you find it difficult to create the perfect apex in one go?
Then you can choose to work in layers instead of using a drop to reach the desired apex.
Always work thin around the cuticle area for a beautiful result.

Do you want to achieve pure perfection?
Then remove the sticky layer after curing the Building Base.
Use a White Block to refine the nail surface, do this by making soft, circular movements.
Remove the dust and finish the nail with a Gelpolish of your choice.