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As some of you may find difficult to perfect the application of new Chrome Powders here's some tips and trick from Magnetic International Trainer Natalia Gritsenko ;)

Here are some tricks how to get perfect the application of  shiny mirror effect using Chrome effects and Holographic Chrome effects  :)

With Love

Magnetic Scotland

Apply two layers of colors or 2-3 layers of base&top. Cure and remove the sticky layer. Buff the surface. Apply evenly Magic shine and cure it (for Chrome - 30 sec, for Holographic - 10 sec) Apply powder in the middle of the nail from cuticle to the free edge and from this place cover the entire nail with powder) With dry nail wipe or soft brush remove the remains of powder.
Cure it for 1.5 min.
Seal it with two layers of Magic Shine and cure each layer.

PS. To be sure you have perfect result (this is for picture) apply Chrome or Holographic in two layers.

Enjoy the beautiful mirror effect)))

Another info - on the nail market lot of similar products - and some of them are very dangerous - because they contain dangerous ingredients. They are seriously dangerous. It's not a joke.
I'm proud that we can offer to our customers safe products.

Good luck to everyone!


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