150031 Ultra Form Tips 50pcs size 2

150031 Ultra Form Tips 50pcs size 2

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Product description

The Ultra Forms Tips are produced with the quality ABS plastic and perfect for damaged or missing areas of the natural nail plate.

The contact area is longer but easy to blend to the natural nail plate. The c-curve is more gentle and the lower sidelines are more natural looking.

Content: 50pcs 1 size 

Features & benefits

  • Natural c-curve
  • Long Contact area
  • Perfect for problem nails
  • Universal tip


First, select the appropriate tip and tip size, ensuring it matches the natural C-Curve, fits exactly to the lateral sidewalls, and has the right contact area for optimal adhesion. Hold the tip between your thumb and index finger at its end, and moisten the contact area inside with brush-on glue. Rotate the tip between your thumb and index finger.

Position the edge of the contact area at a 45-degree angle and align it with the sides of the free edge of the natural nail, then gently lay the tip down on the nail plate. If there are no visible bubbles, press the tip firmly against the natural nail plate for 5 seconds, maintaining the correct position.

Avoid lifting the tip up! Use a 180 or 220 grit hygiene file to blend the tip seamlessly with the natural nail plate, ensuring no visible transition or step between them. Finally, remove any shine from the tip.