118969 Unicorn Pigment Red

118969 Unicorn Pigment Red

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Expand your color collection, and give your clients rainbow shine with Unicorn Pigments

Cosmetic Grade and safe for nails 

-Use over gel polish with Magic Shine Top Gel and seal with Magic Shine Top Gel

-The metallic effect will be influenced by the base colour you applied


Prep nails 

Apply base coat and cure 

Apply a thin layer of your colour choice and cure (2 mins UV/1 min LED)

Apply the Magic Shine Top Gel and cure in LED light from 10-30sec ( depending of the age of the lamp, we recommend checking yours first)

Using the pigment tool, gently pat a small amount of Unicorn Pigment onto the cured Magic Shine

Using your pigment tool, rub the pigment over the nail until it's squeaky’

Seal the nail with another coat of Magic Shine Top Gel