Sculpting Fiber Gel Pink 5g sample

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Fiber Gel is the ultimate gel that crosslinks the strength of the fiber system to the flexibility of the gel system. It can be applied on nearly every type of natural nail, and is available in 4 basic colors; clear, pink, extender and white.

Fibergel is non-problematic and is easy to use.

Fibergel allows itself to be applied easily and with precision because the gel doesn’t run. Therefore the chance of lifting because the gel touches the cuticle is kept to a minimum. You can apply fibergel in different ways.

You can apply the fibergel in layers until you have reached the desired shape and apex.
First layer – 50% of the nail
Second layer – 75% of the nail
Third layer – 100% of the nail (starting near the cuticle).
Cure every layer, this method ensures the apex will have enough product.

You can also apply a thin layer over the cured adhesion layer. Don’t cure this thin layer yet but scoop the gel out of the jar with your brush. If you do this correctly you should now have a ball of gel on one side of your brush. Place the clean side of your brush on the place where you want the apex to be. Roll the ball of gel onto the nail, now the product lies in the correct position. Apply the gel further with your brush in a floating manner.

Let the gel flow slowly and evenly from the apex to all the edges, cure the nail for 1 minute in LED of 2 minutes in UV when satisfied.

Fibergel is compatible with every kind of top gel, in a jar or in a bottle. 

Fibergel is the easiest gel to pinch, this way the nail gains more structure and strength. Cure for 15 seconds in LED or 1 minute in UV, then pinch the desired C-Curve.

• Fibergel is easy to pinch and you can make thin, strong nails.
• Fibergel comes in 4 colors.
• The most universal gel.