Gelpolish Collection Lucky Green 2x15ml

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The Must Have Collection are classic shades that can be worn all year round.

Lucky Green


Transform your nails into a symbol of fortune and sophistication.

Lucky Green is not just a colour, it is an ode to the beauty that life has to offer.

This colour brings together the freshness of a clover meadow and the happiness of a bright day!

Lucky Green Glitter

Let your nails shine like sparkling clovers, while the glitter adds an enchanting dimension to the meaning of luck.

The combination of the vibrant green and the beautiful glitter creates a breathtaking effect that puts your customers' nails in the centre of attention.

In Combination with the matching glitter Gelpolishes your clients will steal any show!

The Gelpolish range of Magnetic is specially created to provide professional nail technicians with a system of semi-permanent nail colours.

These very thin, colourful gels in a bottle are fit for any application on artificial nails and in combination with Magnetic Base & Top also for natural nails on hands and toes.

Apply 2 thin layers over chosen base product, each layer must be cured for 60 seconds in LED light. 
Finish with the top gel of your choice