Blush Gel Try me Kit

Blush Gel Try me Kit

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The kit contains all you need to start Blushing 

Blush Top Gel 15ml

Blush Primer 15ml

Blush Gel 15ml 2 colours

Syls Choice Brush 


Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly Builder Gels for enhancing, strengthening and beautifully looking natural nails.


  • 12 shades in cold, warm, medium and dark tones to perfectly match skin tone
  • 15ml bottle with brush
  • high viscosity to perfectly shape nails, and create beautiful contours effortlessly
  • strong and durable to ensure long-lasting results
  • provides a strengthening layer to protect the nails and help them grow
  • no heat spikes
  • easy to remove, can be buffed off or soaked off in 100% acetone
  • cruelty-free and vegan-friendly


  • prepare the natural nail, remove cuticle and impurities and buff the nail plate, apply Soft Bond Primer
  • apply a first thin adhesive layer of Blush Gel of your choice and cure 60 sec in LED light
  • apply the second layer, sculpt the contour and apex if needed, cure 60 sec in LED light
  • finish the nail with top gel of your choice and cure


  •  buff the gel surface with 340 grit Hygienic File to perfectly shape nail before top gel application
  • for extremely weak nails it might be wise to use Glassy Blush  as an adhesive layer
  • Blushes Gels are designed to wear it without color on top or with French manicure