231416 Blush Blend Dark 15ml

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Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly Builder Gels for enhancing, strengthening and beautifully looking natural nails.

Blush Blends (cure 1.5 min in UV / LED light) 

Our newest addition to the Blushes collection are the Blush Blends.
For a natural transition to the cuticle area, Magnetic Nail Design has released 4 new Blush Blends.
These semi-transparent colors give you as a nail stylist the opportunity to create a natural outgrowth on your customers nails.
The Blush Blends level perfectly, so you can also create a nice quick overlay with these gels.
TIP: Do you want to create a natural look? Then use the Blush Blend as an overlay.
In this way, a natural looking nail is made in no time.

How do I use the Blush Blends?
Quite simply, our Blush line consists of 4 color tones with a total of 12 opaque colors.
These new 4 Blush Blends in the bottle are semi-transparent and correspond to the 4 existing color tones.
You can combine these infinitely with each other.

Work method:
Example: Your customer chooses Blush Cozy but wants a natural outgrowth.
- You prepare the nails as you are used to.
- Apply Blush Primer.
- Apply the first polishing layer thinly and cure for 90 seconds in the twinlight.
- Apply a thin “swimming layer”, not cure this layer.
- Apply a drop of Blush in the uncured layer.
- Use the Blush brush and guide the Blush gel along the edges.
- Blend the Blush gel towards the cuticle and cure the layer.
- Blush Cozy is a Blush gel from the warm tone colors, you can perfectly combine it with the Blush Blend warm, see table below.
- Work with the Blush Blend from the cuticle to the top to fill in the last bit, cure the Blush Blend in the twinlight at 90 sec.
- If necessary, correct with the file before you finish the nail with Blush Topgel.

Blush gels + Blush Blends in a table so that you have a clear overview:
cool tone:
- 231404 Girly - Blushes Blend Cool
- 231405 Sassy
- 231406 Spoiled
Warm Tone:
- 231401 Dreamy - Blushes Blend Warm
- 231402 Cozy
- 231403 Lovely
Medium Tone:
- 231407 Attitude - Blushes Blend Medium
- 231408 Wannabe
- 231409 Bitchy
dark tone:
- 231410 Bossy - Blushes Blend Dark
- 231411 Classy
- 231412 Fierce
For a natural outgrowth, we recommend choosing a Blend in the matching color tone.
Of course you can create any infinity with your own creativity for a beautiful result.



  • 12 shades in cold, warm, medium and dark tones to perfectly match skin tone 

       6 new pastel shades and 4 additional semi transparent colors

  • 15ml bottle with brush
  • high viscosity to perfectly shape nails, and create beautiful contour effortlessly
  • strong and durable to ensure long-lasting results
  • provides a strengthening layer to protect the nails and help them grow
  • no heat spikes
  • easy to remove, can be buffed off or soaked off in 100% acetone
  • cruelty-free and vegan-friendly


  • prepare the natural nail, remove cuticle and impurities and buff the nail plate, apply Soft Bond Primer
  • apply a first thin adhesive layer of Blush Gel of your choice and cure 60 sec in LED light
  • apply the second layer, sculpt the contour and apex if needed, cure 60 sec in LED light
  • finish the nail with top gel of your choice and cure


  •  buff the gel surface with 340 grit Hygienic File to perfectly shape nail before top gel application
  • for extremely weak nails it might be wise to use Rubber Base as an adhesive layer
  • Blushes Gels are designed to wear it without color on top or with French manicure