118663 Stamping Plate 60 Graffiti Love

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Graffiti is an art form that our customers like to see reflected in a nail art design.

That is why Magnetic developed this fantastic stamping plate with which every nail stylist can effortlessly provide a set of nails with a cool and unique look.

●  includes 1 stamping plate made up of various sized designs.
● The stainless steel plate measures 6 x 12cm 

● Each plate comes in its own protective sleeve. 

● The designs are engraved on to the image plate and covered with a protective film which needs to be removed before use. 
Hold the stamping plate in place on a flat surface and paint the stamping polish or over the chosen design. Using the scraper, immediately scrape over the polish at a 45-degree angle to remove the excess lacquer from the plate. After scraping, the wet polish should completely fill the grooves of the design and the plate’s surface should be clean. To lift the image from the stamping plate, roll the stamper across the design in one smooth, firm movement. Again, using one smooth motion, press the stamper onto one side of the nail and slowly roll it to the other side to transfer the design. When finished, if any dried polish remains on the stamper or in the grooves of the plate, clean them before moving on.