104201 PowerGel Pink 30g

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The perfect hybrid between gel and acrylic. The application technique is like acrylic and the cure is on command just like gel. You do need a liquid to apply the PowerGel with, you can use Prep & Wipe.

PowerGel gives the perfect balance between the application of gel and acrylic. Making this product popular especially for the more extreme shapes. Do not apply too thick to avoid heat reaction in the lamp. You can use PowerGel on forms, tips and on the natural nail.

Take some PowerGel out of the jar by using a spatula. A new jar will have a sweaty layer on top of the gel, which is very sticky. You can remove this sweaty layer with your spatula or you can gently mix this layer into the PowerGel, either way this will minimize the stickiness. Place the PowerGel onto the nail and apply the gel with a brush and Prep & Wipe. Cure it 1 minute in LED or 2 minutes in UV.

You can use any kind of Top Gel to seal the PowerGel and you can even buff it to a high shine. The choice depends whether you want a high UV-filter (Supreme Finish) or not (Base and Top).

You can apply PowerGel with a synthetic brush or a brush with real hairs, just like acrylic. In both cases you clean the brush with Prep & Wipe. Then you condition the hairs back into the desired shape with a thin gel.

PowerGel is available in 7 colors. Powergel Nude, Extender and Clear are also available in tubes.

PowerGel Nude is an extreme camouflage color, exerting more orange tones. PowerGel Extender is more skin color and has a little bit of a transparent effect. When making a reverse nail bed use a mix of both gels so that the color matches the color of the clients nail bed perfectly.

PowerGel Sparkling White and Nude both have very fine and beautiful glitters. They are fantastic to use when you want to make a babyboom with a sparkle.