104104 Flash Builder Gel Thick 50g

104104 Flash Builder Gel Thick 50g

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Flash Builder Gel is a very flexible gel that is available in two distinct viscosities. Flash Gels are the lightest and the most flexible gels in the assortment making them adhere to all types of nails but extremely well to thin and damaged nails.

The Flash Gels are the same and come in a thick and thin version. The thick version is made for the stylist in warm countries and thin for the stylist in cool countries.


Flash gels are very easy in use and suitable for damaged and flexible nails. The gels are light and therefore perfect for a natural nail overlay. The gels are less suitable for elongation on forms because the gel is so flexible. Pinching the gels isn’t easy because the gel bounces back and the result is fairly flat. The gel application works well on tips and the gel comes in two thicknesses both in clear.

The Flash Gels are both thick and during application the sheer allows the gel to flow and become self-levelling. The sheer is the reaction that occurs between the molecules when the gel is in movement.

When the product is in movement the gel becomes thinner and can run into the cuticle. You can prevent this from happening by less ‘playing’ with the gel. If the gel becomes too thin then stop the application. This will allow the sheer reaction to also stop and the gel will return to its usual thickness/mass.

You can use the gel to make a complete nail in one go, but you can’t pinch or make the nails thin, because the gel is too flexible for this. The gel has to be cured for 1 minute in LED and 2 minutes in UV.


Flash gel can’t be buffed to a high shine and therefore a top gel is an absolute must! The Ultra Top Gel in a jar is the best to use because of it’s flexibility. If Flash Gel is the base underneath a Gelpolish then you can seal the nails with Base & Top Gel or Soak Off Top Gel. The Supreme Finish can’t be used because cracks will occur.

If the nails of the client are very damaged then the Flash Gel is the best choice. The gel is very light and the adhesion is perfect without buffing the nail too much.

• Flash Gel comes in a thick and thin form.
• Flash Gel becomes more liquid during application because of the sheer reaction.
• Flash Gel offers the best adhesion, also on damaged nails.