AirNails Aibrushing on Nails Training

AirNails Aibrushing on Nails Training

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Airbrush, like graffiti is a spray painting technique. With the use of an air pressure gun you can spray many different colours and designs on a nail. When creating a design one or more templates are used from playful prints to sharp straight lines. Anything is possible! By making use of shadow effects you can make a wide nail look narrower and create depth in your designs. If you are led by creativity then with the airbrush you can endlessly create amazing decorations (not only on nails ! ).

Airbrush is not difficult it just requires some practise. Therefore we advise to do the Airbrush Course at the Magnetic Nail Academy. This way you learn all the tricks of the trade regarding the airbrush technology.

Duration 1 day

The Kit included

IMPORTANT: The AirNails compresor and airbrush paint will be sold only to those who follow this training.

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The kit includes

Compresor and Air Gun with hose
basic paint set 
basic lace set