Acrylic Application - 4 days beginners course

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During this course , you will learn all about acrylic. Acrylic is best suited for customers with some harder nails with more body. If a customer has very flexible nails than acrylic is not the best choice. Acrylic offers many possibilities and there are therefore many nail stylists who find acrylic more pleasant than gel.

A good nail stylist can make a nice nail with every product. Acrylic is an air-drying system, consisting of a powder and a liquid, which means that you need to work a bit faster and you need to have perfect final result.

What are you going to learn?

  • Nail extension on forms with pinching to create narrow and elegant nail
  • Different ways of making French with camouflage powders, reverse application as well as with color and glitter powders!
  • For a customer who wants a more natural looking set of nails, you now learn two different techniques: Natural Look Acrylic to create extension on natural nail that nobody will know your customer wears nails! And the most popular Baby Boomer effect