136056 Disicide Disinfection Spray 300ml

136056 Disicide Disinfection Spray 300ml

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Environmentally friendly biocidal product that is safe for the user
•Hospital grade disinfection for Barber, Spa and Hair & Beauty Salons
•It is an easy way for the professional tools, tweezers, scissors, bits
•Water based and solvent free solution with mild odour
•Proven effective against bacteria and virus
•Disinfectant, fungicide and virucide
•Environment friendly
•Anti-rust formulation protects expensive tools
•Easy to use and cost effective
•Not hazard class for transportation and not flammable
•Effect in accordance to EU regulations EN 14561 and EN 14562
•Ready to use spray 

  • Biocidal, hospital grade disinfectant – professionally cleanses metal objects or treated surfaces
  • Easy, trace-free evaporation – perfect for busy salons, spas and barbers
  • Simple, 15 minute spray application – minimises delay between clients
  • Environmentally friendly, free of solvents or alcohol – protects clientele well-being

Hygiene and safety
An important addition to any salon, spa or barbers, the Disicide spray is formulated for maximising hygiene in busy, professional use. Effective against bacteria and virus, the liquid cleanses metal objects and treated surfaces effortlessly. Protect your clients’ well-being with the water-based product, free of irritating solvents or alcohols.

Simple, practical use
Multipurpose, the spray can be quickly applied to the area and left for 15 minutes before removing any dampness with a paper towel. Useful for in-demand professionals, barbers, stylists or therapists can also allow Disicide to air dry without leaving any traces. Optimising your time by minimising disinfectant and cleaning delays, you’ll always be prepared for a busy schedule without compromising clients’ safety.